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Join Forces to Maximize Niagara’s Market Share on the World Stage of Tourism. ‌


Destination Niagara Falls and Ownera Media Join Forces to Maximize Niagara’s Market Share on the World Stage of Tourism.

With shared tenacity and a bold vision for the economic growth potential in Niagara, two leading marketing organizations launch new travel and tourism venture together.

Niagara Falls, ON – December 2022 – As one of the world’s most recognizable destinations, Niagara’s past and current approach in attracting its market must be re-analyzedre-imagined, and re-publicized meaningfully and purposefully to appeal to this generation and the generations to come.

Tourism is a crucial part of Niagara’s economy. Niagara Economic Development states the industry supports 2,800 tourism businesses, generates 40,000 jobs, and contributes more than $2 billion in annual visitor spend.

“The industry has always been strong and vibrant in Niagara, yet there remains unrealized potential for further growth especially as it relates to our shoulder season and our international visitor attraction.” Said Joyce Morocco, Founder of Destination Niagara Falls.

With combined resources and expertise and being established as one collective entity, Destination Niagara Falls and Ownera Media will strive to be the leading force to Canada’s inbound travel and tourism, attracting domestic and international consumers with strong focus on growth, profitability, and repeat business.

The Niagara region possesses a natural potential to expand and enhance its tourism offering, truly securing itself as a destination of choice by focusing on quality experiences accessible throughout all seasons.

With its extended team and limitless reach, the team will work strategically with private and institutional investors, tourism service providers, conservation authorities, tourism organizations, and government agencies. With preliminary goals to deploy Niagara’s first deliberate tiered Destination Packages, Destination Niagara Falls and Ownera Media seek to further explore Niagara’s market share potential through strengthened travel and tourism stakeholder and consumer relationships and innovation.

“Our intimate understanding of the challenges the industry has faced allows us to focus our market research on the right solutions that are befitting to our economy here in Niagara. Working in alignment with airline, tour, and other transportation operators, service providers, and accommodation leaders, we are re-defining how travel to Niagara is approached and booked.” Said Rowe Prudente, Founder of Ownera Media.

By leveraging best-in-class digital solutions and technologythe team will facilitate key marketing campaigns designed to develop, attract, and promote major sporting, arts, cultural, business events, and more. In conjunction with its specialized technology and vast network of advertising inventory, the creative expertise of the collective team allows for the most cost-efficient campaigns delivered to precisely targeted, travel focused audiences. 

With more than a decade of travel and tourism marketing experience, Destination Niagara Falls is one of the top websites in Ontario, attracting tourism to Niagara. With the re-launch of its website and expanded digital capabilities powered by Ownera Media, Destination Niagara Falls Website offers a dynamic eco-system that not only delivers exactly what travellers seek but maximizes reach and revenue potential for its strategic partners and advertisers.

“We have been working behind the scenes in preparation for market readiness, and with the industry climate leading into 2023 are eager to release these next phases.” Said Brandy Henderson, Founder of Ownera Media.

A series of launch events will be taking place in the New Year. Be sure to register HERE and be the first to receive updates.

For more information about advertising, destination packaging, and collaborative opportunities available through Destination Niagara Falls, please reach out by email at

About Destination Niagara Falls

Established in 2009, Destination Niagara Falls is a regional online tourism platform representing one of the world’s most recognizable and iconic destinations. Its strategic value proposition includes showcasing all twelve vibrant and expansive municipalities throughout the Niagara region. Destination Niagara Falls works collaboratively with multi-segment tourism operators and service providers, promoting unique experiences, longer stays, and repeat visits to the region.

About Ownera Media

Ownera Media is a subsidiary of Ownera Group Inc. Ownera Group Inc. is a collaborative group of companies with an overall vision of utilizing the most advanced and effective technological market solutions for businesses in Canada and beyond. Ownera Group Inc. offers their proven service expertise in branding, marketing, advertising, public relations, communications, publishing, and event management, incorporating print/digital books and magazines; digital displays and billboards; commercial and video production; and website, applications, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, experiential, and immersive solutions.

Contact Information:

Destination Niagara Falls & Ownera Media

8-3643 Portage Rd.

Niagara Falls, ON L2J 2K8

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