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Fort Erie Race Track



Widely regarded as one of North America's most picturesque race tracks, Fort Erie is also filled with racing traditions. Great Canadian champions have raced at the "Fort", providing race enthusiasts with thrills and life long memories. From its beginnings in 1897, Fort Erie Race Track has always been a special place. Its beauty has been well documented with aesthetics second to none.

If your tastes run from fine dining with a penthouse view of our picturesque racetrack or to having a more informal meal with a great view, we offer two spectacular restaurants that allow you to dine and never miss a moment of the racing action. And if you care to wager, you don't have to walk far, we have mutual windows inside our restaurants for your convenience.

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Open 6 days a week (Sunday to Friday) from 9 am to 5 pm.

Closed: Wed, Nov 11, Dec. 24 at noon, Jan. 31, Feb. 15, March 25-28, Dec. 24 at noon, 25, 26 2016

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Address: 230 Catherine Street, Fort Erie, Ontario, L2A 5N9, Canada
Telephone: 1-800-295-3770
Fax: (905) 994-3629
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